Get Ready for the Games!

Reprinted from PN August 2007

Preparing a city to receive 500 or more wheelchair athletes is no small undertaking.

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The Disabled Sports, Recreation, and
Fitness Expo showcases new developments in wheelchair design to aid accessibility as well as provides myriad information for wheelchair athletes.
Each year many veterans who use wheelchairs compete in a fantastic athletic event: the National Veterans Wheelchair Games (NVWG). Few things could be more rewarding than being able to exceed in a sports competition. But it takes hundreds of people to make this happen.

The Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) Sports Program and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) staff plan the location two years ahead of time and coordinate myriad details to prepare the NVWG successfully year after year. Why? Because it provides a venue of healing for newly disabled veterans who gain sports skills and exposure to other successful wheelchair athletes. The Games give athletes the opportunity to compete, win, and work throughout the year toward something that is fun and extremely rewarding.

The city is selected from nominations submitted by VA medical center (VAMC) directors who are willing to host the event. VA and PVA review the nominations and choose a winning city. A local organizing committee (LOC) is established, including the VAMC staff and the local PVA chapter. City officials such as the mayor and individuals from the parks authority, the chamber of commerce, the department of transportation, and special events meet with the organizers to coordinate the Games.

Meetings and seminars educate the host city's organizations to understand the needs of athletes with disabilities, as well as NVWG's logistic and communication aspects. Most cities are familiar with events that attract large numbers of people; however, not all are prepared to handle such a great number of wheelchair users.

Find out more about what needs to be coordinated with the host city long before the arrival of the wheelchair athletes.


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Get Ready for the Games!


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