Vertical Value

Reprinted from PN August 2007

Whether you are sitting or standing, vertical movement has its advantages!

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Seat-elevating devices raise or lower people remaining in a seated or reclined position. They provide vertical access by positioning users within their functional reach.
Too often, wheelchair mobility is considered from the perspective of moving around at the same height, which is quite a contrast to people who walk around. Look at a friend or family member for just a while and you're likely to see them sit, stand, stoop, squat, and lie down. They may even take advantage of such devices as ladders or step stools. Yet, for some reason, people assume wheelchair users no longer have the need to adjust their position vertically.

There are two common means of providing vertical mobility within a wheelchair—seat-elevating and standing devices.

Read more about these devices, and meet standing wheelchair user John Pilotte, a competitor on the PVA National Trapshoot Circuit.


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Vertical Value


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