News Beat: Shifting Financial Burdens

Reprinted from PN May 2001
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President Bush recently sent Congress the New Freedom Initiative, a nearly $1-billion proposal he said would make work and everyday life easier for people with disabilities.

As lawmakers consider new proposals such as this to help Americans living with disabilities, Mark Weber, a DePaul University College of Law (Chicago) professor and expert in disability rights and complex litigation, suggests that new ideas be considered to progress beyond the current plateau in disability rights and welfare.

In his article "Disability and the Law of Welfare: A Post-Integrationist Examination," which appeared in the February University of Illinois Law Review, Weber recommends how to shift the cost of disability to the population as a whole to improve the outlook for people with disabilities.

"In the world of today and in any foreseeable world of tomorrow, disability carries costs that will inevitably be borne by someone," Weber says. "By shifting even some of the costs of disability to the population as a whole, government policy will put into application some of the insights of postintegrationist theory and move toward more effective equality for people with disabilities."

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News Beat: Shifting Financial Burdens


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