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The Shuttlebug can haul 500 pounds (in addition to the operator).
Reprinted from PN May 2001
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— Ride your wheelchair up the ramp, raise the deck, lock the chair in place, and drive off—without assistance. Enjoy the freedom of being out and about on the Shuttlebug, in your wheelchair. No shifting is necessary—just select forward or reverse, give it some gas, and go! The Comet automatic torque converter selects the correct range and permits speeds of up to 18 mph.

Although this product is an off-road vehicle and cannot be licensed for highway use, many communities allow them for local transportation. The vehicle has a gentle, 7° slope for easy access. Standard features include front bumper, halogen headlights, hood-mounted cargo rack, electric start, hydraulic drum brakes, and separate parking brake. Options are tire-tread pattern (choice of three) and a wide range of colors (red, green, yellow, and white are standard). A self-contained electrohydraulic power unit gives the dual inch-and-a-half hydraulic cylinders the power to raise and lower the deck. The Shuttlebug has a Briggs & Stratton 16-hp Vanguard twin-cylinder engine. The vehicle's base price is $9,249. Contact: Kimball Products Inc., P.O. Box 792, Benton Harbor, MI 49023. (800) 358-4586 / (616) 925-9535 (fax) / --------------------------------------------------------------------

— General Motors Corp. (GM) and iCan, Inc., have launched the next phase of their combined Auto Channel, complete with the addition of the Web's first automotive decision guide. The Auto Channel gives adaptive-vehicle consumers step-by-step evaluations that help them choose the GM vehicles to meet their special needs.

The site also has chat sessions and a bulletin board for automotive-related topics where visitors can share information about products and services. A search function will help people navigate the entire iCan Web site, Although inked by GM, the channel offers information on all vehicles but focuses primarily on guiding people with disabilities through the evaluation and modification process to find suitable products. The Auto Channel also has information on the GM Mobility Program, GM reimbursement opportunities for adaptive equipment, the Mobility Assistance Center, and a hotlink to the GM BuyPower Web site, which includes a vehicle configurator. Contact: iCan at / (877) 275-4226 (toll-free), or the GM Mobility Assistance Center, (800) 323-9935 / (800) 833-9935 (TTY).


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