Afloat on Lake Powell

A ramp made it easy for the author and her husband to board their rented houseboat.
Reprinted from PN May 2001

Consider the lowly turtle, with his home always on his back. In May 2000, several friends and family members and I decided to "play turtle" and rent a houseboat for five days on Lake Powell. It was a marvelous experience.

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Lake Powell was created in 1963 by the Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River. A rented houseboat is a comfortable home baseand a jump-off point for day trips to the lake's beautiful red canyons.
In an article originally published as "Houseboating on Lake Powell" in Open World Magazine (Fall 2000), author Mary Sagerson recounts her adventure with a group that spent five days and four nights exploring canyons in a small boat, hiking, eating, reading, swimming, and generally being on vacationwhile based on a houseboat.

Sagerson lives in rural western Washington. Although she uses a wheelchair due to MS, she hasn't lost her desire to travel. The most important lesson she's learned: Ask for what you need.

About her experience she says, "Anyone, of any ability level, should consider a visit to Lake Powell for an exciting and relaxing vacation. I think the turtle is definitely onto something."

For more information on Lake Powell or to make reservations, visit the Web site at: or call (800) 528-6154.


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Afloat on Lake Powell


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