When It Sizzles

Reprinted from PN May 2001

When summer's heat makes you wilt, take precautions to stay healthy. And when you and yours want to get cool in a pool, first spread the word about safety.

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— "Rx for Mercury Rising," by Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission director Tom Kiser, M.D., offers tips for avoiding heat-related problems this summer.

— In "Keep Cool—and Safe—in the Pool," authors Linda L. Lindsey, M.Ed., and Barbara Key, M.A., both from the University of Alabama-Birmingham Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, offer suggestions and recommendations for preventing accidents in and around swimming pools.

Want More Information?

A "fact sheet" flyer and a "tip sheet" on ways to prevent pool-related SCIs are available free-of-charge from: Phil Klebine, M.A., Project Coordinator Office of Research Services UAB Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 619 19th Street South—SRC 529 Birmingham, AL 35249-7330 (205) 975-8376 (Fax Information System)


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When It Sizzles


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