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Reprinted from PN June 2002
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At this year's New York International Auto Show (NYIAS), Ford displayed a customized Focus ZX3 that demonstrates the mobility enhancements that can make vehicles accessible—yet exciting! Ford worked with aftermarket-appeal manufacturer Ballistic Unlimited and Bruno Independent Living Aids to create the "Tuned" Focus, which has a street-racer's appeal and features.

The vehicle reportedly has more headroom and is easier to get into and out of than other cars in its class. Instrument-panel controls—including larger radio and climate-control knobs and buttons—are designed to be easier to locate, grab, and manipulate. The seats feature Bruno Power Turnouts swivel bases in driver and passenger positions, allowing the seats to rotate 90°. Also added were custom low-profile front seats with removable cushions. Rotary Wells-Engberg twist-grip hand controls offer independent, simultaneous one-hand control of throttle and brake.

According to Ford, the Mobility "Tuned" Focus has the power and performance to match its edgy looks. The engine is enhanced with a Toucan Industries performance air intake, ignition wires, and a Bosal Chameleon stainless "cat back" exhaust system. Braking and cornering are enhanced by a lowered Intrax suspension, Toucan reactive upper strut, Axis Ne-o 17x17-inch wheels, Power Stop rotors, and Pirelli P7000 225/50R-17 tires.

Ballistic Unlimited added cool art style to the exterior. The ZX3's paint is Infra-Red with Modern Image Graphics Corporation's silver and carbon flames outlined in black. The body kit from Wings West Avenger has prototype Muth Signal Mirrors as well as Body Pros tinted head- and tail lamps.

Ford Mobility Motoring provides up to $1,000 toward the cost of adaptive equipment or up to $200 on alerting devices, lumbar support, or running boards when installed on new Ford, Mercury, or Lincoln vehicles. In addition to financial aid, Ford Mobility Motoring offers state-specific packets of information listing assessment centers, equipment installers, and other potential sources for financial assistance, including extended terms through Ford Credit Mobility Financing.

Contact: Ford Mobility hotline, (800) 952- 2248 / and Bruno Independent Living Aids, (800) 882-8183 (toll-free) / (262) 567-4990 / 953-5501 (fax) /


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Mobility & More: Street Appeal


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