On the Move

Nine broken ribs, two punctured lungs, two broken teeth, and two shattered vertebrae altered Nick Coltman's life—but they didn't slow him down.
Reprinted from PN June 2002

Paralyzed by an avalanche while hiking, Nick Coltman returns to a bustling lifestyle.

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Before he was paralyzed, Nick Coltman spent nearly every weekend enjoying sports typical of an Alaskan outdoorsman: biking, climbing, skiing, and golf. Today, after an avalanche shattered two vertebrae and left him without movement below his waist, Coltman relies on a different set of activities to keep him busy—chiefly weightlifting, handcycling, and swimming. Read Dan Sadowsky's account in the June 2002 PN/Paraplegia News of Coltman's high-speed tumble and his determined road back to a jam-packed, active life.


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On the Move


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