COVER STORY: Wheelin' the World

Reprinted from PN June 2005

Do your homework, plan for the unexpected, pack your bags, and enjoy! Whether you travel domestically or internationally, the world is yours to explore.

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Holding and playing with an orphan lion cut was "quite an experience" for Carol Randall, who writes about her African safari adventure.

In "Get Ready, Relax, & Go!," author Kelly Leon shares how following a few basic tips can ease the worries of novice travelers with disabilities. She advises readers to remember there are plenty of resources to help plan an accessible vacation.

According to author Carol Randall, the long flight from Colorado to
South Africa was well worth it for the experience of a lifetime. Randall's safari adventure convinced this wheeler that "you can go anywhere you would like, so don't make having a disability the excuse for not going."

At some times of the year, southern Arizona really sizzlesbut its many attractions lure tourists all year long, according to Andrea and Rolla Rich. Their article, "Cavernous Adventure," describes the accessibility (and inaccessibility) they encountered in Tucson, Tombstone, and the impressive Karchner Caverns.


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COVER STORY: Wheelin' the World


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