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Reprinted from PN June 2005

A determined wheelchair user capturing photographs is indeed an artist in his or her own accomplishment.

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While Julia Hollenbeck's son ran to the beach for a shot of the front of Little Sable Light (on the east side of Lake Michigan), she was stuck in the parking lot. She located an open area in the street and photographed what she could see from her wheelchair's vantage point.

"As odd as it may seem, wheelchair users probably have more advantages than do photographers on legs…We can typically outrun someone using legs, go farther, and literally last longer. The difficult task is being creative, because we see the world from a totally different angle."

These are the observations of author—and photographer—Julia Hollenbeck, who had polio as a child and now uses a power wheelchair for mobility. This article, which includes some of her work, offers readers Hollenbeck's perspective on "photography on wheels."


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