Sports & Recreation: Cal-Diego Shoot

Reprinted from PN July 2002
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Participants at the 14th Annual Cal-Diego Trapshoot, held in Redlands, Calif., included (from left) Lupo Quitoriano, Van Schneider, Terry O?Neill, Joe Fox, and Dan Pierson.
Once again Mother Nature smiled upon the farmers of southern California and gave them what they so badly needed and what shooters really did not want: rain. Fortunately, it did not appear to have any negative effect on the 14th Annual Cal-Diego Trapshoot. In the July PN/Paraplegia News, you can read Jim Russell's account of the event, at which Mike Gureckas won High All Around with his score of 284/300, and Gureckas's team (Cal-Diego) took the first-place Chapter Team Award, scoring 1,333/1,500.


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Sports & Recreation: Cal-Diego Shoot


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