Pool Party

Reprinted from PN May 2005

Why swelter in summer's heat? Whether for therapy or just cooling off, residential swimming pools and spas can be accessed by just about everyone.

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Powered by pressure from ordinary city water, this Aquatic Access lift will accommodate 400 pounds. Photo courtesy of Aquatic Access.

Swimming and other water activities promote good muscle tone, lung capacity, flexibility, and overall fitness without causing undue pressure on joints or bones. Aquatic activity can be fun and relaxing, and learning to float or swim can lead to participation in other water activities. Advanced swimmers may compete in local, national, and international events.

A spinal-cord injury or other disability does not mean your swimming days are over. Adaptive equipment can enable continued enjoyment of water activities.

This article shares the experience of a ventilator user who rediscovered the freedom immersion in a swimming pool can bring. It tells readers how you, too, can enjoy that feeling in a public or residential pool thanks to a variety of lifts, ramps, and swim aids. There's a list of manufacturers who offer products that can help get you back in the swim!


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Pool Party


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