Mobility & More: Wheelchairs and Image

Reprinted from PN July 2002
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Marty Ball—like most wheelers—sees his wheelchair as part of him.

"It goes with me outside on a walk, into the car and house, and even into the bathroom,' he says. "It is as personal an item as I own. So, why shouldn't it be seen and treated as part and parcel of me? If I wear particular clothes, cut my hair a certain way, or shave or don't shave, it is because I want to have an image that reflects who I am, and the chair is part of that. It won't ever go away; so then, how should it look?" To read Ball's article, click here.

The July PN/Paraplegia News Mobility & More column also discusses new power-chair controls and further developments on power assists for manual wheelchairs.


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Mobility & More: Wheelchairs and Image


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