On the Job: IBM Hires the Best

Reprinted from PN July 2002
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At IBM, Tim Scamporinno is manager of the Systems Applications and Products Systems Management for Global Services.

On paper, Tim Scamporinno was an excellent candidate to fill one of the hundreds of thousands of technology-related jobs that go unfilled each year. A 1999 graduate of Sonoma State University (Rohnert Park, Calif.) with a degree in computer science, he had numerous interviews. He showed up for thembut received few callbacks.

A C5-6 quad since a diving accident in 1985, Scamporinno uses a wheelchair and has limited use of his hands. "Once most companies saw me and my disability, that was it," he says.

Not so for IBM.

In the July PN/Paraplegia News you can read about how Scamporinno was accepted for a summer internship with the computer giant and eventually became a manager leading a team of 20 people working on hardware and software for internal clients.


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On the Job: IBM Hires the Best


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