Something for Everyone

Reprinted from PN July 2002

A nationwide celebration showcases PVA's work on behalf of veteransand all people with disabilities.

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In Texas, Boy Scouts learned about disability awareness from local PVA members.
"Some veterans' service organizations are known to all Americans. If you're not a member, you know someone who is," says Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) President Joseph L. Fox Sr. "The Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion, for example, have posts in just about every community. "But many Americans are unaware of PVA's workeven of its existence. While we have chapters and service offices across the nation, PVA, because of its membership criteria, is much smaller than most veterans' organizations. PVA plays a vital role in meeting the full range of our members' needs; PVA Awareness Week is our opportunity to let Americans know we're here and how we're continuing to serve." And the organization's impact reaches far beyond the disabled-veteran community to all people with spinal-cord injury/disease. There was something for everyone when PVA and its 35 chapters invited the public to attend more than 100 educational events during "PVA Awareness Week."


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Something for Everyone


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