And Finally: A Matter of Perspective

Reprinted from PN August 2002
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"Millionaire Balloonists Rest in Brazil," read our newspaper headline on August 18, 2001. This prepared me for what I believed would be my next article on 'my life as a quadriplegic,'" says Stanley D. Brown. "Fossett's million-dollar forays in his balloon seemed (and continue to seem) insignificant, foolish, and almost comical to me as I lay in bed for most of the week with a bed sore, ongoing urinary problems, and the normal issues of a C4-5 quad." Then came the horror of September 11, which Brown acknowledges made his difficulties in a wheelchair appear "less formidable." In the August 2002 PN/Paraplegia News, read Brown's take on what's difficult, what's important, and how a little perspective can help you see life in a whole new light.


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And Finally: A Matter of Perspective


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