It's NOT a Perfect World

Reprinted from PN July 2004

Securing accessible parking, then ensuring its rightful use, is—like many issues for people with disabilities—an ongoing advocacy effort.

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of Accessibility

AAAAARRGH! PARKING!!! How many times have you pulled into a lot only to find no accessible-parking spots available? Or someone parked there without a placard or plate? Or a space that has no access aisle or is used for grocery cart or snow storage? Or even worse, a fellow person with a disability who parked in the access aisle next to the space, making it impossible to use?

In an ideal world, you could pull into a well-designed open space, get out of your vehicle and into the facility safely, and return the same way. But when you wake up and the real world intrudes, youd better have your advocates hat in hand. Youre gonna need it, at least for the foreseeable future.

Whose fault is all thisand what can be done to change it? Find out who does what to provide (and enforce) accessible parking.


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It's NOT a Perfect World


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