Special Section: Manual Wheelchairs Today

Reprinted from PN March 2004
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Whirlwind-type chairs are designed for developing countries, where western wheelchairs are often unsuited for conditons and too complex for local repair.

Four articles look at wheelchairs from four perspectives:

"Choosing a Wheelchair," by Deborah Glazer, P.T., M.P.H. Not long ago, wheelchair choice was limited. Now it's a personal decision with many options—and new technology can help with proper seating. The author explains why and how a thorough seating evaluation by a clinician who specializes in seating and positioning can guide you through this often confusing and time-consuming process.

"Mobility Is the Bottom Line." What lightweight everyday wheelchairs are available today? Seven companies responded to our request for information about their lines of chairs—and their goals for the future.

"VA R&D Leads the Way." New solutions, greater safety, and better tools move science along. Here's a bird's-eye view of how seriously the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Research & Development takes its job of helping consumers make informed decisions.

"Whirlwind Strikes!" Mass-producing basic wheelchairs in developing countries is this organization's goal. Find out how they plan to to make available an affordable wheelchair for every person in the developing world who needs one.


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Special Section: Manual Wheelchairs Today


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