A Learning Experience

Reprinted from PN November 2003

Annual conferences help healthcare professionals discover ways to improve quality of life for people with SCI—and rededicate themselves to the work ahead.

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Poster presentations enabled conference attendees to learn new information relevant to SCI.

For healthcare workers involved in the field of spinal-cord injury (SCI), the end of summer traditionally is marked by annual conferences at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, Nev. This year’s concurrent meetings of the American Paraplegia Society (APS), the American Association of SCI Psychologists and Social Workers (AASCIPSW), and the American Association of SCI Nurses (AASCIN) took place September 2–4.

In this issue, read about the important issues and topics covered at the three series of meetings, including synopses of the addresses by keynote speakers.

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A Learning Experience


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