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Reprinted from PN November 2003

Especially on Veterans Day, November 11—but also every day—we thank our veterans and active servicemen and -women and say a prayer for those who are no longer with us.

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Harry Gabrielson's letter opener points to a piece of a Japanese plane's fuselage. The parts rest on the original Navy T-shirt he wrapped them in back in 1944.

In this special section saluting our country's veterans, three readers share stories about their military-service experiences:

• "Eyewitness to Action" is Harry "Gabe" Gabrielson's first-hand account of that memorable day—November 29, 1944—when he and his shipmates aboard the U.S.S. Maryland, in the Leyte Gulf, Philippines, were snatched away from their comfortable surroundings to the sinister excitement of battle.

• In "My Military-exit Saga," Bill Greene, Ed.D., remembers his unusual odyssey home near the end of World War II.

• Craig Enenbach's "A Tragedy Averted" recalls a time when some airment took their jobs a little too seriously, and what could have been a disaster turned out just to be funny.

PN invites you to submit some of your military-service memories for possible publication in future issues of the magazine. Accounts should be 800-1,200 words. Enclose a recent photo (photocopies or laser prints are not suitable) and one taken during your military service. Be sure to include your current telephone number. Send to: PN/Veterans Stories, 2111 East Highland Avenue, #180, Phoenix, AZ 85016. (602) 224-0507 (fax) /


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