10 Steps to Care

Reprinted from PN November 2003

Planning gives you more control over selecting an assisted-living residence, eases stress, and helps you make a good choice.

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The decision to leave your home and move into an assisted-living facility is not an easy one. Moving from your home late in life is a significant event requiring considerable research and careful planning before the final decision is made. Considering such a move can be one of the most stressful experiences an individual or family can confront. But the stress associated with this type of relocation can be reduced and made easier with helpful information and careful planning.

In this article, Fred Cowell, who works in PVA's Health Analysis Program, defines assisted living and discusses the ten steps to making a good selection:

• Thinking ahead
• Determining your personal needs
• Information gathering
• Understanding the costs
• Comparing facilities
• Studying and understanding contract documents
• Knowing your rights and responsibilities
• Federal and state regulations
• Licensure
• Final selection

Remember, effective planning is key to finding the assisted-living residence that is right for you!


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10 Steps to Care


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