Changing Your Oil—Naturally

Reprinted from PN November 2003

If only we paid as much attention to our bodies as we do to our cars?

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What would we do without our wheels? We wash the car; polish and wax it; change the oil, spark plugs, and transmission fluid; keep the tires properly inflated; clean the glass, and even give it a name. (The author calls his Rubio, an admiring acknowledgement of its blond hue.) We talk to the car as if it understands, using language considered unacceptable in social circles when it misbehaves and complimenting it on a job well done after completing a successful journey without incident.

If only we paid as much attention to that hunk of flesh, bone, and blood we live inside.

In this month's issue, frequent PN contributor Frank Cceres outlines a proactive approach to good health: a body-maintenance plan, an exercise program, and a time for rest and recuperation.

Taking care of your health need not be an all-encompassing job. But if made a part of everyday living, its amazing how little effort is needed to increase and maintain energy levels, mental acuity, and brightness of outlook.


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Changing Your Oil—Naturally


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